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Sure, we might not be getting any younger, but we’re getting smarter–and better. In A Happy Healthy You, I have pulled together the wisdom of four expert women to examine the importance of attitude, proper nutrition, healthy movement (and even sleep), relationships and spiritual life–and how they affect a woman’s individual journey to find balance and happiness in her life.


Every day, new research confirms what we already know to be true: our habits, not our genes, determine most of our physical and mental well-being. What we put in our body, how active we are, how connected we are to our friends and family — these things, not fate, determine whether our bodies will merely age or whether they will decay. Discover the inside scoop on:

Consider our book your personal consultation with a team of medical doctors, a psychologist, an exercise physiologist, and an attorney/life coach. We are at your service . . . empowerin a happy, healthy you,

Mary Jo

"We all want to age healthfully and happily. We just don't know how to do that."

- Paul Brumley

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